Hello I'm Chi and welcome to my tiny blog thing :3


Long due update

  Hello! It's been a while since I updated my blog, *checks notes*, a couple of months actually. So here I am, updating my blog.

  There have been lots of things I'd like to talk about and I'll probably get to them soon. But in other news, I've started an Odysee channel! What is Odysee? It's a video sharing website, which is pretty neat. I'll probably start posting some reviews soon. Been trying a lot to get the quality of what I want to make to a decent enough level that I would be at least somewhat proud of them and I think I'm going in the right direction.

  So the things I've been working on... what about them? I've been writing quite a bit, but it's quite challenging to finish my short stories. Hopefully I'll have most of them done in the next couple of weeks and I'll start uploading them semi-regularly.

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  The clock is nearing striking it's twenty-second hour. Darkness. It's raining. Only the steps of unknown shadows walk these parts. Neon lights flickering. A bright flash. A loud noise. Minutes later the sounds of the sirens are blaring.

  Arrived at the scene of the crime, I take a long glance at the scenery. Then, there's the victim: 20, 6-2, I would say of a medium build, ice cold. I try to puzzle out what had to have happened.

  "Who could've done such a thing?" I ask myself. A truly messed up individual surely. The amount of evil in someone's heart to do something like this must be way beyond incomprehensible. I find it impossible to understand the "how" of everything. "It must've been an accident..." I try to lie to myself, knowing full well that this was too cleanly done to be anything less than planned.

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I'm a very passionate person, passionate about many things such as: sleeping, eating, breathing. My god, did I tell you about my air addiction I feel like I couldn't live without it!

I'm Chi (if you didn't know this so far please read the subtitle again), someone who apparently knows how to make some things. And here I talk about those things.

Things that I love include: the color teal, cats, cooking, linux

Things that I very much dislike: spookiness, proprietary stuff, bad people

Contact me:

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